Visit Sofie in her cosy allotment garden, where chickens run free and flowers bloom. Here you will find both big jackpots and challenging bonus games. For example, catch the chickens when they run away, or control the lawnmower around the mole when mowing the grass.

Bonus Game – Mow the Grass
The grass has grown tall and it’s time to get it mowed! Luckily Sofie has a self-propelled mower, so you don’t have to sweat.

You may be lucky to find a hidden apple under the grass. You are guaranteed to find two apples in each Mow the Grass bonus game. The first apple triggers a Jackpot Flash, and the second apple triggers a Super Jackpot Flash. You cannot lose any winnings from the apples.

Bonus Game – Hole in the Hedge
There’s a hole in the hedge and three of Sophie’s chickens have escaped! In the game, you have a total of 18 rounds to collect as as many wins as possible. The wins are hidden in eggs and there are a total of 9 different eggs in the bonus game. Throw the dice and help the chickens come back. The gold eggs always contain the same three prizes in the same order:
1. an extra cube for the rest of the bonus game.
2. Jackpot Flash
3. Super Jackpot Flash

Garden scrabble

Pull into the cabin and take a break from gardening. What could be cosier than an exciting scratch card, with big prizes up for grabs!
Have the opportunity to trigger Bonus Games and win a lot of money!

Jackpot flash
The jackpot is a progressive jackpot with a contribution of 1% of player’s stake and a guaranteed minimum prize of 5,000 kr.
The Jackpot Flash can be activated through the three bonus games.

Game specs
Layout: 3x3
RTP: 94.8%
Volatility: 2
Game made for:
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