Villa Vendetta

Prepare for horror when you visit the Vendetta family’s abandoned home. There are many stories, and it is rumored that you will not be alone when you walk in the front door.

Villa Vendetta has a dark and spooky theme based on the haunted house, that you can visit at Tivoli Gardens.

This haunted action-filled slot consists of a 3×3 grid of nine independent reels, where 10 ghostly symbols might appear. The game itself has eight fixed paylines that go horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Like in many previous releases of the Lady Luck Games, Villa Vendetta is packed with exciting and well-designed bonuses, including dice games, free spins, or symbol collectors.

Bonus Game – The Basement

Quietly and delightfully, the family niece tiptoes around the basement, just as if she was the finest little ballerina.

In this bonus game you must roll the dice. Each set of eyes matches one of the prizes, and will count towards activating one of the possible wins. When all the skirts light up for a win, the bonus game ends with that prize.

Bonus Game – The Hole

Be careful as you walk around the rooms, because one of Mr. artists has accidentally created a bottomless pit in the middle of the floor! Get 3 Mrs. Vendetta symbols on a payline to activate this bonus game.

In this bonus game, you balance on a tile that is on the edge of the bottomless pit. To move your game piece, you must activate the spinner, which can land on a number between 1-4 and thus move you up to 4 positions clockwise.

Bonus Game – Collect Screams

Things get very loud when the family nephew runs around scaring the ladies.

Like a sneaky thief, he gathers up all the screams and unleashes them in the dead of night. When the bonus game is activated you will receive 10 free spins and a counter will be activated in the window on the left side of the screen.

Game specs
Layout: 3x3, 8 paylines
RTP: 95.77%
Volatility: Medium-low
Game made for:
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