Welcome to the campsite! This place is filled with everything you need to have a perfect summer vacation!  Sunscreens, ice-creams, and NO MOSQUITOS! Join us for this unique experience!

Bonus game Try your luck

Were you born under a lucky star? In this bonus round you can find out by risking your spins! The award is amazing as you can win even more of them! In case of losing the number of the spin will be only cut half!

Bonus Game – Dragon Flight

In this bonus round, you’ll have the opportunity to navigate your dragon kite between the clouds. Here you choose which direction you want the dragon to fly, to collect as many coins as possible. Watch out for the seagulls, they can knock the kite down!

For every milestone you achieve, you’ll also unlock extra prizes along the way!

Bonus Game – Motorcade

Ready for a twist of everybody’s favorite classic? Motorcade bonus game is here for you! Choose the best attribute on each card and win against your opponent’s. Each card shows different vehicles, and you can choose between speed, driving distance or value!

Bonus game – The battle for places

In this bonus round, you need to find the best spot for your summer holiday! Start the car, roll the dice and see how far you can get! Each pitch at the campsite has a goal that must be achieved before you are allowed to drive your caravan further and park.

Game specs
Layout: 3 reels, 3 rows, 8 lines
RTP: 92%
Volatility: Medium
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