Super fresh, super familiar

Any user familiar with the games on Windows operating systems will surely know FreeCell! This amazing version of the solitaire-style classic has our typical Spigo style to keep it modern and sleek. With a keen eye and sensible moves, almost every game of FreeCell can be solved.

The objective is to complete the four boxes in the top-right corner, in each suit, from ace to king. Typically with four free cells, we have added the option to remove them one-by-one down to zero, giving the players a harder game and allowing for bigger payouts for the player – the challenge is up to the player!

Included in this game is also our jackpot spin, where the players have a shot at winning a big prize pot! Solve the solitaire to enable a spin at the jackpot, and keep track of your progress towards the jackpot with the stairs on the right hand side. Remember this pot can be the local or global progressive – it’s up to you!

Game specs
Game type: Card game
Mode: Single-player
Difficulty: Easy/Medium/Hard
RTP: 99.9% / 91.45% / 78%
Volatility: Low
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