Ice 2024 – Confirmed!

Lady Luck Games ICE experience 

2022 was Lady Luck’s first ICE experience with a defined presence where we invited all our partners and customers to an off-floor meeting room in the gallery section. As successful as this was for us, we decided that 2023 would be the year we really make a splash at ICE front and center. A last-minute booking, we were lucky enough to secure a position in the north hall surrounded by our peers and partners. We took the opportunity to truly showcase the work we have been doing on our suite of Lady Luck Games and leverage our new market routes with Relax, iSoftbet, Hub88, etc. to have serious conversations about our next 6 months of partnerships. 

Our biggest drive this year was to showcase a preview of our StormRGS and its powerful tournaments and promotional tools. During ICE London 2023, we hosted a tournament, where on day 1, players had the opportunity to enjoy our unique pipe-mechanics slot Astro Anna; on the second day players were introduced to a super exclusive preview of our upcoming branded slot “Popeye” which is set for a release in April, and on day 3 we took everyone on a journey through the Aztec jungle in our successful slot the Treasures of Tizoc. It is no secret that everyone likes a chance to win a great prize, so seeing queues at our tournament was not surprising, but even after the tournament was over, people asked to play our games just for the joy of the games themselves! 

Overall, we can confidently say that ICE London 2023 through and through was a remarkable success for Lady Luck Games.  

We are certainly looking forward to the possibilities of the next year – new exciting meetings and partnerships, being surrounded by industry professionals, and elevated by the positive energy that ICE brings we have set our goal to keep being innovators in the industry and showcase even more impressive titles next year.  

 That being said – our spot is already booked  for ICE 2024! See you there!