Lady Luck Games – G3 Interview

Lady Luck Games believes in a ‘casual approach to gaming and user experiences. What underpins this philosophy?

We’ve worked tirelessly to build a very strong reputation for ourselves as a developer that creates unique games accessible to all types of players, whether experienced slot enthusiasts or newcomers to the vertical. We’re proud to have found a good balance in which players can enjoy wonderfully designed, highly entertaining gameplay that stands out from what’s being offered elsewhere.

How is this belief reflected in the creative process for new games?

We always start our creative process with a collaborative team brainstorming session; this brings together all team members so that we can gather as many creative, outside-of-the-box ideas as possible. Once we’ve got something we want to run with our development team and mathematicians will put their heads together and make our brilliant ideas a reality.

How long does it take to form a game roadmap from a sketched-out version to the final sign-off? How far ahead do you plan, and what are the key considerations?

Regarding our overall roadmap, we tend to plan for six months. This way, we still have room for maneuverability, and we’re not tied to strict timelines that might stifle creativity and impact the quality of any games we release. In terms of individual game releases, it can take anywhere up to a couple of months to put together the best possible product; some may take much longer than others, depending on how many changes are required as we go along.

With a roadmap in place, how are games then conceptualized? Who is at the table offering input?

Lady Luck combines a team of Creative and commercial teams with passionate creativity and extensive research into what players like and what operators seek to differentiate their portfolio from everyone else. We listen to our players and partners over everything else. This is how we work together, as a Venn diagram of different approaches, and what lies in the middle is what ends up in the roadmap.

Mr. Alchemister, Rooftop Fight, and Madame Clues feature game innovations unique to Lady Luck. What are the key considerations when creating new mechanics and features?

We’re incredibly proud of all three games as there is nothing quite like them in the market. When developing these, we had one primary goal: to create something that offers entertainment value in spades. We also targeted specific audiences when creating these slots. Madame Clues aimed at newcomers, Rooftop Fight, targeted gamers, and Mr. Alchemister was for those who wanted something outside the box.

After signing a licensing agreement with Big Time Gaming, Lady Luck Games is set to develop its first-ever Megaways slot, SpinJoy Megaways. What additional exposure do you anticipate the studio will gain from utilizing the Megaways mechanic?

Megaways games are known worldwide and are quite simply the most successful mechanic in the slot industry. Most operators have a specific Megaways section on their sites, so having SpinJoy Megaways there will bring us colossal exposure compared to regular casino lobbies.

How does Megaways fit in with Lady Luck’s innovative design mindset?

Ultimately, Megaways is just a mechanic and will not interfere with the unique design or bonuses we like to put into our new releases. We still have grand visions of offering excellent gameplay unlike any players have seen before, even if that includes the Megaways mechanic.

Lady Luck recently launched its first branded title, Beetle Bailey. Do branded titles boost a game developer’s exposure more than non-branded titles? And is this a significant factor in justifying the additional cost?

Branded content was something that has always been high on our agenda; they help newer providers such as us build a solid reputation amongst operators. Of course, they also help increase the visibility of our brand, as recognizable slots do wonders in attracting new players. When the opportunity to collaborate with King Features arose, we did not doubt in our minds that this was the right move for us. Their brands are known worldwide, and placing those well-recognized characters in our games will give us many benefits.

How powerful is the propensity to latch onto something familiar? What are the benefits that name and recognition bring?

It is only natural that people are drawn to things that feel familiar to them. When faced with the choice of playing an unbranded game, or one that features a character they know, such as Beetle Bailey, they are always going to go for the latter, as there is a sense of trust and comfort there.

Are branded games such as Beetle Bailey more likely to cut through the noise than non-branded content?

Absolutely, we 100% believe that branded slots will receive more attention than those that are not. The media attention around the release of Beetle Bailey was huge compared to anything else we have seen before, and that gives us great confidence in the popularity of these titles.

Given the popularity of Beetle Bailey in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Norway are these markets in which you expect the game to perform the best?

Without a doubt, these will be our core markets for Beetle Bailey as they’re all countries with a strong affinity to the original comic. Of course, we expect interest from elsewhere, but not as much as in these four countries! As we move further West into North America, we will see a second opportunity to enter a territory where Beetle Bailey has a huge historic following, giving us a second push on this fantastic title.

Up next for Lady Luck is Astro Anna. Could you tell us more about the game’s pipe mechanics?

Astro Anna is a brand-new slot coming very soon that will feel familiar to those who have played Mr. Alchemister. This unique slot sees players form winning combinations when spinning pipes connect to form a line from one side of the game screen to another. Multipliers may appear randomly, significantly boosting the win should the pipes connect to a prize.

In addition to its unique game mechanics, Astro Anna boasts a free spins feature triggered when players hit four or more prizes during a single spin. This sees players earn up to 20 free spins with a 20x multiplier, leading to incredibly impressive wins!

Mr. Alchemister is one of the games that really shone a light on our work here at Lady Luck Games, so we’re delighted to be releasing another slot with unique pipe mechanics.

What creative learnings has Lady Luck taken from the studio’s successes and failures?

We’ve spent a lot of time looking at the player base in each market we operate in. This has allowed us to strategically refine our roadmap to deliver new titles created with these players in mind. We’re realistic in knowing that not every game will work for every market, but we put a lot of work in behind the scenes to get it as right as possible.

What’s your ultimate vision for Lady Luck Games?

It’s simple. My ultimate vision for Lady Luck Games is to continue delivering exciting entertainment to operators and players worldwide. We’re incredibly proud of everything we’ve achieved so far as a business, but we know there’s still plenty more hard work to be done, and we’re going to have a lot of fun doing it!