Lady Luck Games KasinoRanking Interview

1. Hi! It is spiffingly marvelous to have an interview with a very noticeable and one of the most talked -about game developers out there. To get to the bottom of this all, could you please give the readers an introduction to yourself first and what is your role inside Lady Luck Games?

Thank you for having me! I have over 15 years of experience in the casino, sportsbook and lottery sectors. During this time I have worked extensively building businesses that specialise in compliance testing, insurance prize backing and now slot development!

I joined Lady Luck Games 5 months ago as a Chief Commercial Officer. My long-term goal is to improve brand awareness and distribution, facilitating new partnership agreements, market expansion, as well as support additional marketing and acquisition activities.

2. Could you also give the readers a small introduction to the world of Lady Luck Games please? Do you have multiple offices around the globe and is Lady Luck Games part of some bigger group of game providers?

Founded in Stockholm in 2019, Lady Luck Games has developed a strong reputation for itself as one of the most unique slot developers in the industry today thanks to its truly creative portfolio of slots.

With a team of industry veterans at the helm, we’ve pushed forward to maintain a strong focus on creating games that offer unique one-of-a-kind experiences driven by in-house innovation, high-end technology and a solid business sense.

Our headquarters are located in Sweden, but our team is global, based in Denmark, Latvia, Malta and the United Kingdom.  We’ve also been trading shares as LL Lucky Games on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market since June 2021.

3. Your catalogue is not entirely full of slots. Could you tell the readers a bit more about your approach and philosophy to casino gaming? Is it possible to play your casual games somewhere?

Yes, we’re lucky to have an incredibly strong portfolio of casual games alongside our slots. The most important thing for us at Lady Luck Games is to deliver entertaining products with exciting bonus features, stunning design and fantastic music. Both sets of games we develop deliver this and we’re proud to offer them to operators across the globe.

4. To deliver superb gameplay experience and sticky design is surely a tough task. Competition is stern to say the least. What makes Lady Luck Games special and different from the competition?

Lady Luck Games is filled to the brim with talented individuals that work incredibly hard to ensure everything we do is simply top-class; this is how we deliver superb gameplay with sticky design.

It’d be remiss of me not to mention our Art Director Rasmus Guldbjerg-Kjær. Rasmus has been with the company from the early days, and he’s been influential in making sure our games look second-to-none. Rasmus has been there and done it all, he’s the original designer of Agent 47 from the legendary Hitman series of video games and movies and was also responsible for Kane & Lynch.

Ultimately, taking an innovative approach to design and inventing our own mechanics has worked fantastically for us. Combine this with our great casual casino games and branded content from King Features and it’s not difficult to see why we’ve been so successful in recent months.

5. What would you like to think are the greatest innovations in Lady Luck Games slots?

Where do we even begin? In the last year we’ve developed a handful of games that boast some truly unbelievable mechanics and bonus features. I’ll start with Rooftop Fight, this slot is a tribute to classic arcade fighting games of the 1980s and features just two symbols and a bonus bar that when filled sees fighting characters set off a bonus feature.

Next up we have Mr Alchemister and our latest release Astro Anna, both have pipe mechanics that see players register wins when spinning pipes connect together, leading from one side of the game screen to another. This mechanic has proven hugely popular with players and is something I can see becoming a huge part of our portfolio going forward.

Finally, we have Madame Clues, which is a wonderfully designed 1×1 video slot that caters for a new generation of slots player that has been long yearning for something ground-breaking and innovative.  Going against everything we know about slots, we chose to give this game just one reel featuring one symbol, it paid off as the game was another hit with players.

It’s hard to pick one single innovation and label it the greatest, as we’re incredibly proud of everything we’ve created so far! So, we’ll leave it to the players to decide which one is the best in their eyes!

6. KasinoRanking plays a lot and quite a few Lady Luck Games slots tickle our fancy. The Treasures of Tizoc with its respin feature and the super cool board game bonus game is the greatest so far but we also love the magical Madame Clues. Which ones score high on your list of favorites?

It’s very difficult to pick a favourite as we love all our releases equally, but we’d be lying if we didn’t say that we had a lot of fun developing The Treasures of Tizoc! It’s easily one of our most well-rounded games and has all the hallmarks of a classic slot with some excellent modern twists.

That said, we have a lot of love for some of our other recent releases such as Beetle Bailey and Astro Anna as they’ve both been great fun to make, and players are clearly enjoying playing them thanks to their innovative game mechanics and unique bonus features.

7. You most likely have a good knowledge about what is happening in the competitive market. Do you dare to mention some favorite slots from your competitors that you like?

We have to give a shout out to Relax Gaming as they’ve done an absolutely incredible job with the entire Money Train franchise. There’s been a lot of hype and excitement around the release of Money Train 3 over the last few weeks and months, and that includes hype from right here inside the Lady Luck Games camp! The game is fun to play, beautifully designed and has excellent maths models.

8. Your portfolio has games that aren’t traditional and even if let’s say Madame Clues is categorically a slot game, it doesn’t really feel like you are playing one. Same applies to Astro Anna as well. This being said, it is a common phrase in the iGaming conferences that providers need to start thinking outside the box (You don’t say!?) when it comes to Generation Z. What are your thoughts on this and the evolution of slots in general?

The evolution of slots has been huge over the course of the last decade. First people migrated from land-based casinos in their droves, and then again from desktop computers to mobile devices. Twice slot studios had to make wholesale changes to cater for the ever-changing market.

Today, it’s a little bit simpler as we seem to have adopted a steady set of standards. However, we’re still faced with plenty of challenges as competition within the space is sky high, but the market is big enough that there’s plenty of room for all of us, as different slots cater for different audiences, there’s no longer a one-size-fits-all approach like there was ten years ago.

9. What is the game plan now? What tingling titles do you have in the pipeline and what to expect next from Lady Luck Games? Thank you so much for the interview. KasinoRanking wishes Lady Luck Games all the best and an amazingly prosperous future!

In August we partnered with Big Time Gaming to produce a brand new slot featuring the legendary Megaways mechanic, so right we’re all hard at work preparing SpinJoy Society for release in less than a month’s time. We’re also going to be releasing a fantastic new branded slot based on legendary cartoon character Popeye, so stay tuned as that’s going to be a HUGE release for us.