Lady Luck Games LCB interview

Q: The name definitely suits an online casino game provider. Tell us how Lady Luck Games was born and its mission.

Thank you! We wanted the studio to resonate with slot enthusiasts and industry-insiders alike and we’re confident our name achieves that. Looking back to the very beginning, Lady Luck Games was founded in 2019 by Mads Jørgensen and Rasmus Guldberg-Kjær. Its focus has always been on creating premium slots and casual casino games that boast high-quality design, superb gameplay and superior entertainment value.

Before founding Lady Luck Games, Mads Jørgensen co-founded Zellsoft in 2000 together with the largest telecommunications company in Denmark, Denmark TDC. Rasmus Guldberg-Kjær is considered one of the greatest artistic minds in the world of gaming, having designed the iconic Agent 47 from video game and movie franchise Hitman.

We firmly believe the company sets itself apart thanks to its high-quality development team which is rooted in established top-tier gaming providers.

Q: How has the iGaming market changed since the company launched in 2019?

Three years is an incredibly long time in the world of iGaming. In 2019 players were falling over themselves to play the latest Megaways releases, and if it wasn’t one of those, it was a classic legacy slots.

These games are legendary, and have rightly earned all the plaudits and respect. However, today it’s a different story around player preferences, as they’ve changed significantly. Now people are looking for slots that stand out from the norm, they don’t want cookie-cutter games that feature the same old mechanics.

We make it our business to wow players with unique games such as Madame Clues, Mr Alchemister and The Treasures of Tizoc, Valholl Wild Hammers or Beetle Bailey, all titles renowned for being truly different and bringing something new to the table.

Q: What is the process behind the scenes in terms of game development from concept to fruition.

When it comes to developing brand-new titles, we like to start off with a collaborative brainstorming session. Doing it this way allows everyone to be involved in the creative process. It also gives individuals an opportunity to pitch new and exciting ideas.

From there we take the best ideas and dig deeper, and as a team we work out exactly how we can build upon a concept to develop the best possible game. This is often when our very best work is done.

During this development phase we always consider what game mechanics and themes are currently succeeding in the market. We then discuss what we can do in order to differentiate ourselves and appeal to multiple audiences.

One thing is for sure though, we don’t want to follow the crowd at Lady Luck Games. We create imaginative games that boast unique mechanics that aren’t seen anywhere else.

Q: Slot features include sticky wilds, respins, multipliers and interactive bonuses. Tell us more about your exclusive features and mechanics.

Again, we’re immensely proud that our slots stand out from the rest of the pack thanks to having bespoke bonus features and mechanics. Mr Alchemister boasts ‘pipe mechanics’ that see players tasked with connecting bets via pipe symbols to 15 different multipliers worth up to 100x.

Madame Clues defies all traditional iGaming conventions by having a 1×1 layout. Despite having just one reel with one symbol appearing at a time, this wonderfully designed title still manages to offer players big bonus features and a maximum win potential of up to 23,040x the player’s bet.

The Treasures of Tizoc has almost 16 000 ways to win and is packed with great features such as Wilds, Re-spins, Shifting Reels, Coins Collectors, and a great bonus round. All of this is completed with stunning graphics and animations in this game.

In Valholl Wild Hammers the brave warriors can land great riches up to 17,000x their stake should they trigger one of three lucrative features. Wild Lightning, Loki’s Mischiefs and Wild Hammer Free Spins can all randomly occur when two magical hammers appear above the reels at the start of every game round.

Beetle Bailey is our first ever branded slot, in a collaboration with King Features. This 4-reel, 81 ways to win slot transports players to Camp Swampy where Bailey is joined by a host of famous faces. This game has two gripping features, such as Wild Wake Up and Camp Swampy Golf Bonus.

Q: What can you tell us about the upcoming launch of Astro Anna?

Astro Anna players will be taken on an unforgettable journey to explore space with our brave astronaut. Astro Anna is a 5reel, 5rows slot with highly entertaining pipe mechanics. The game has stunning graphics and impressive animations. 11 symbols represent sections of a pipe which can connect to two, three, or four sides of the square it lands on connecting to a pipe in the surrounding squares. Once the pipes spin into a complete connection to the sides of the grid a prize is awarded. Random multipliers land on pipes increasing your win if they land on the connected pipe.

Astro Anna also offers a Free Spins bonus round that is triggered by connecting 4, 5, or 6 prizes on one round, players can receive 10, 15, or 20 Free Spins, respectively. When the gamers are lucky enough to trigger 7, 8, 9, or 10 prizes during one spin, they will also be awarded a multiplier up to 20x, which will be added on top of the initial multiplier, displayed on the counter while entering the Free Spins Round. The multiplier is sticky and can increase during the bonus game up to 50x.

The game also has a Buy Bonus feature, where players can bypass their way to the Free Spins round at any time. They will have the option to choose between Rocket Fuel 10 Free Spins, Space Plumbing 20 Free Spins or the Astro Extreme Random Option.

Q: Can you share details regarding any projects in the pipeline?

We have a couple of very exciting productions up our sleeve which we will be announcing in the next couple of weeks. About the branded content, we have signed a three-year co-development agreement with King Features, therefore the industry and players can expect more branded content from Lady Luck Games, and It is not a secret that we’re also working on another iconic slot, Popeye, and we can`t wait to show it to you!