Lady Luck Games reintroduces pipe mechanics as players reach the final frontier in latest release Astro Anna

Stockholm, 20th October 2022 – Lady Luck Games is offering out of this world entertainment as it reintroduces players to its iconic pipe mechanics in latest space-themed release Astro Anna.

This unique extraterrestrial title challenges everything you thought you knew about slots by scrapping traditional reels and paylines in favor of pipe mechanics, popularized by the studio’s hit release Mr Alchemister.

Lady Luck’s famous pipe mechanics see players create winning combinations by connecting a series of spinning pipes which award cash prizes and sends all-important fuel to Astro Anna’s spaceship when linked, allowing her to jet off into outer space.

During gameplay multipliers may appear randomly on the pipe symbols, should these multiplied pipes connect to one of the 15 cash prizes then the overall win will be boosted significantly.

If players win at least four different prizes in a single spin then they’ll automatically trigger the game’s free spin bonus, the more prizes that are won the more lucrative the feature. If more than seven prizes are won in a single spin players will receive 20 free spins with a win multiplier, the highest of which being a 20x multiplier.

Players can opt to gamble their winnings in a card game that can see them double or quadruple their prize. The gamble feature is only available to those who win is less or equal to 100x the total bet. Those wishing to jump straight to bonus gameplay are able to utilize a bonus buy feature.

Mads Jørgensen, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LL Lucky Games AB said: “We truly broke down barriers upon releasing Mr Alchemister last year, players and operators alike fell in love with our unique pipe mechanics, we knew we had to do it again with Astro Anna. I anticipate that there’ll be just as much love for this game when people get a good feel for what it has to offer.”