Exclusive SlotGods Valhöll: Wild Hammers interview

Valhöll Wild Hammers exclusive interview with Lady Luck Games

1.      Thanks for taking the time to talk to us Julian Borg-Barthet, firstly, can you explain why Lady Luck Games chose to reboot the original Valholl slot from 2019?

We chose to reboot Valholl Hall of the Slain, as it was a huge hit with players upon release. The graphics, soundtrack and bonuses made it an overnight success in what was and still is a very competitive market. However, iGaming is changing rapidly and the features that were popular three years ago don’t necessarily meet player’s expectations today.

There have been a whole host of studios that have entered the market in that time, and they all want a piece of the iGaming cake. We sat down as a collective and discussed what we could create that would resonate with players, it was clear that there was an appetite for Valholl, so we opted to upgrade the original version.

2.      What makes valholl Wild Hammers different from the Valholl Hall of the Slain?

We’ve made several improvements that make Wild Hammers stand out from the original, some of these major changes include an overhaul of the game’s bonus features, which are completely different to those found in Hall of the Slain. We`ve also updated the graphics.

In addition to this we also created a brand-new soundtrack. Initially Valholl Hall of the Slain had a heavy metal / orchestral hybrid soundtrack. In Wild Hammers players can expect to hear something much calmer, and more mysterious, which we feel fit the game’s aesthetic better.

3.      There are three unique bonus features in Valholl Wild Hammers, can you explain what these features are how they’re triggered?

As the name suggests, two hammers take the leading role in Valholl Wild Hammers, both of which can trigger one of three lucrative bonus features whenever they appear above the reels. These bonus features are Wild Lightning, Loki’s Mischiefs and Wild Hammer Free Spins.

The Wild Lightning feature occurs whenever these two hammers appear over the same game reel, converting all symbols on the reel into wild symbols.

Loki’s Mischief is triggered whenever the hammers land on adjacent reels. Two random symbols are picked from each reel and are converted into wilds, or the highest paying symbol of the two.

Finally, the Wild Hammer Free Spins feature is triggered when the hammers land on reels one and six, this will kick-start 10 free spins. During these free spins the hammers will shoot lighting at the reels, converting between one and two symbols into sticky wilds.

4.      Are there any plans to expand on the Valholl series of games after this slot?

It’s perhaps too early to say whether we’ll expand on the Valholl series in the future, however, Lady Luck Games has always been a studio that likes to take an individual approach to game development, not necessarily following conventions. Watch this space.

5.      What’s next on the roadmap for Lady Luck Games?

We’re really excited with all the projects that make up the remainder of our 2022 roadmap, and we think players are going to absolutely love what we’re going to be offering them.

You may remember that in December 2021, we signed a three-year co-development agreement with King Features Syndicate, this partnership is now bearing fruit.

We are very pleased to announce that after months of hard work, dedication, and collaboration with mathematicians, developers and designers the first game of this exclusive partnership will be released, Beetle Bailey.

This slot, based on the iconic-American comic strip created by cartoonist Mort Walker is set to be released in August and we’re quite certain that this branded game about the Lazy Private Bailey will be well-received by players and industry-insiders alike[JBB1] !

Beetle Bailey syndicated by King Features in 1,800 papers in the United States and the rest of the world, has a huge following in Scandanavia which is where Lady Luck Games already has a substantial presence. In Sweden, the strip received a dedicated magazine named “Knasen” in 1970, with a Norwegian version “Billy” being added the following year. Denmark also has a dedicated magazine, named “Basserne”, first published in 1973. We’re hoping that these markets and more will be just as excited about this release as we are, as nostalgia and a fond love for these characters will prevail.