Lady Luck Games SlotsJudge Valhöll: Wild Hammers interview

Lady Luck games and SlotsJudge Valholl Wild Hammers interview

1. Hello! Congratulations on the release of Valholl Wild Hammers. Firstly, can you talk us through your decision to create a rebooted version of Valholl Hall of the Slain?

Thank you for your kind words, developing Valholl Wild Hammers has been a real blast and our entire team are incredibly proud of the game they’ve created. The decision to reboot Hall of the Slain came about because we knew we had something special with the original and we wanted players to experience the same game, adjusted for a modern audience.

A lot has changed in three years, player expectations are much higher and mechanics and features that worked then aren’t necessarily very popular today. We want to deliver the best product possible, and we know that players will enjoy an upgraded version of Valholl Hall of the Slain.

2. We loved the fact that wild hammers appear on top of the reels on every single spin, meaning that there were always exciting bonus features to look forward to. Which one of the three features was your personal favourite and why?

There’s no doubt about it, my favourite feature is the Wild Hammer Free spins! In order to trigger this lucrative feature players will need to see two Wild Hammers appear above reels one and six, this sees them automatically receive 10 free spins.

During the feature the Wild Hammers shoot lightning onto the game reels, converting symbols into sticky wilds. Should a wild be hit by lighting it will receive a multiplier. Landing wilds on all six reels will lead to five additional free spins.

This is my favourite feature as we’ve taken the classic free spins bonus that players know and love and built on it by adding the sticky wilds, leading to multipliers. If there’s something every single player out there enjoys seeing it is most definitely multipliers!

3. Can you tell us about the other two bonus features players can trigger in Valholl Wild Hammers?

Firstly, we have the Wild Lightning feature, this sees entire game reels converted into wilds, which can prove to be incredibly lucrative should high paying symbols land. Secondly, we have the Loki’s Mischief feature, this sees two symbols picked, they’re then converted into the highest paying of the two, or in some cases into wilds. Both features are triggered by the Wild Hammers landing both reels and adjacent reels respectively.

4. The Lady Luck Games team are known for thinking outside the box and creating unconventional games, what would you say makes Valholl Wild Hammers stand out from other releases?

As you mentioned, we really do like to think outside the box when creating new gaming content. After releasing a whole host of unconventional games with unique mechanics, such as Mr Alchemister with pipes mechanics, Rooftop Fight with only two symbols and Madame Clues with just one symbol, we`ve decided to get back to the roots to balance our content.

So, in the case of Valholl Wild Hammers players will get to enjoy a more traditional 6-reel, 20 payline slot, which we think will go down well. What makes this game really stand out are the outstanding graphics, great music and gripping bonus features, with the Wild Hammers being pivotal to player’s overall enjoyment of the game.

5. Can you give us a sneak peek at what’s next for Lady Luck Games?

In the next year or so we’re going to start seeing our co-development agreement with King Features Syndicate come to life, starting with the release of Beetle Bailey later this month.

Beetle Bailey is a branded slot, based on the King Features Syndicated cartoon published in 1800+ newspapers worldwide. Already popular in Scandinavia where Lady Luck Games already has a substantial presence, in Sweden, the strip received a dedicated magazine named “Knasen” in 1970, with a Norwegian version “Billy” being added the following year. Denmark also has a dedicated magazine, named “Basserne”, first published in 1973, and the popularity hasn’t waned.  This slot boasts great appeal thanks to its huge popularity for over 40 years, adding great straight-forward gameplay, and lucrative bonus features. This is just the first in a string of top-quality branded slots coming to players in the next twelve months, so watch this space as we’ve got some real gems on the way that you won’t want to miss![JBB1] [JBB1]Can we add that it is also known as ‘Knasen’ in Sweden and Basserne in Denmark? It will work well for the SEO of the article and get more of these players seeing that the slot is out there. We don’t need to list them all, but it would be interesting for people to see that the comic is called different things in different places.  Also, imagine you are a Swedish Casino Manager and Beetle Bailey hasn’t clicked with them, but you mention ‘Knasen’! all of a sudden it sparks something in them… hopefully.