Last week an iNTERGAMINGi published its first magazine edition of 2022.

Vadim Fedorov, Chief Technical Officer at Lady Luck Games takes us behind the scenes of this innovative young studio, showing us exactly what goes into creating one of their standout slots.

In just a few short years Lady Luck Games has managed to build a strong reputation for creating memorable slots that stand out from the crowd. We consider ourselves trailblazers, taking creative risks that more cautious developers are too afraid to try, it’s served us very well so far.

As a young and ambitious studio, our aim is to create unique games. That’s not easy with so many titles being released onto the market each year. There are only so many themes, after all. But we know that players want to try to see something different, so we strive to meet that desire.

It seems to me like every new idea has many mothers and fathers. It’s just a race to see who can be the first to produce something that raises eyebrows and makes people say wow. We’re trying to get ahead in that sense thanks to our willingness to meet the demands of modern players.

Ultimately, we wouldn’t have been able to come up with games such as Madame Clues, Rooftop Fight, and Mr. Alchemister if not for our incredibly talented creative team, who are the true driving force behind our early success so far.

Most slots we develop are born in an internal workshop. These collaborative sessions see everyone involved in the creative process invited to pitch their own ideas to the rest of the team.

From there we take the best ideas and start digging deeper, working out between us what it is we can add to them to differentiate them from your run-of-the-mill slot release. It’s during this process that our best work is done and why our new games boast extraordinary mechanics.

One of the things we consider most important when brainstorming is theming and narrative. We believe that all good games should be strong in this area. We always take into account what’s popular and what we can add to our portfolio to diversify and appeal to multiple audiences.

That being said, we’re mindful of not wanting to fall into the same trap other new studios have in the past. We don’t just want to blindly follow industry trends and churn out games that are unimaginative, following already established formulas.

Both Madame Clues and Rooftop Fight have very minimalistic core concepts behind them. The former has one reel and one symbol during base gameplay, whilst the latter has just two symbols on the grid. The tricky part for us when creating these games was building up on top of these concepts.

We wanted both games to be beautifully simple, yet still, be diverse and filled with fun surprises, that way players don’t get bored.

With these games and everything that’s come before them, we spent a lot of time polishing the visuals and sounds until we were 100% satisfied. It’s important to us that the game mechanics and audiovisuals worked together harmoniously as one, giving players an experience like no other.

Of course, whilst it’s important for games to sound great and look appealing on the surface, we also want our slots to be in top condition under the hood as well.

Having the right mathematic model is a key element to any potential success. It’s a very difficult balancing act getting everything right, and it takes lots of playtesting and tweaking over a long period of time to ensure that a future release has the right balance and feature frequency.

On this note, it’s imperative that players feel like triggering a bonus feature is actually achievable. Ideally, we want them to experience some of the special features in a single session, but there still be something left for them to work towards next time they decide to play the game.

2021 was a great year and saw us move to become one of the most forward-thinking studios in the industry, trying something different and going against the norm.

It would have been very easy for us to take the easy route that many other studios follow, just developing classic 3 and 5-reel slots.  But that’s not what we’re about at Lady Luck Games.

Using everything we’ve learned in our first few years, we plan on continuing to develop ambitious first-class online slots that players will find both unique, lucrative, and engaging.

iGaming is currently expanding at a rate of knots into a lot of new and emerging markets that haven’t yet been fully explored. These new players are hungry for something distinct, and we feel that our games will genuinely appeal to this new generation of online slot enthusiasts.


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