Partnership with CasinosHunter

Being always interested in online casino software providers with unique approaches and offers, CasinosHunter has asked Lady Luck Games Chief Commercial Officer, Julian Borg-Barthet, to answer a few questions about the company, its games, and its plans.

1. Hello, and thank you for finding time to participate! To begin with, can you please tell us more about your experience in the online gambling industry and your role in Lady Luck Games?

Thanks for having me, to give you a bit of background, I have over 15 years of experience in the casino, sportsbook, and lottery sectors; during this time, I have worked extensively building businesses in compliance testing, insurance prize backing, and now slot development.

I joined Lady Luck Games 5 months ago as a Chief Commercial Officer. My long-term goal is to improve brand awareness and distribution, facilitate new partnership agreements and market expansion, as well as support additional marketing and acquisition activities.

2. If you would have to compare Lady Luck Games to other software providers, what are the company’s advantages?

One of the company’s strongest advantages is its management team. The founders of the Lady Luck Games have amassed years of experience in the industry, they have the solid business knowledge and a great understanding of iGaming.

As a young company, we really want to stand out from the crowd. This is why we often take an unconventional approach to delivering products with unique mechanics.

Examples of our unique approach include games such as Mr. Alchemister, which features pipe mechanics, Rooftop fight, which boasts only two symbols, and Madame Clues which only has one symbol. We also put a lot of emphasis on creating games with great graphics and memorable soundtracks, which is why we have our own in-house music composer.

3. How many games are there in the company’s portfolio? How many games are made per month?

In May last year, we became a Nasdaq listed company. This fantastic opportunity opened many doors for us, such as the ability to acquire other companies.

Last September, we acquired Spigo, and in July this year, ReelNRG. Due to these shrewd acquisitions we`ve managed to expand our portfolio so much faster than we would have if we were only making our own games, which forms part of our strategy, to grow organically and via acquisition.

To date, our portfolio comprises 71 slot games and 12 casual casino games that offer a fun and superior gaming experience. The competition is very high, with many slots being developed every month. Currently, we are producing a slot title every month. However, the roadmap is increasing with our expansion, and we aim to bring more titles to the public on a regular basis, focusing on quality over quantity.

4. What are the three most popular games by Lady Luck? What is so special about them?

It’s very difficult to define our three most popular games, as we’ve enjoyed great success across our entire portfolio. If I had to pick one stand-out slot, it would be the Treasures of Tizoc.

This game was our first 3D game and our first game to feature a Buy Bonus. It has 15,625 ways to win and a whole host of marvelous features and mechanics, including a combination of wilds, gargoyles, re-spins, shifting reels, and coin collections that can see players win more than 15,000x their stake.

The Hunt for Lost Treasure bonus game sees players roll dice and work their way around a path within an ancient Aztec pyramid in a bold attempt to make it into the fabled treasure room, all whilst avoiding the wandering ghosts that can end their adventure.

5. Are there any particular signature features typical for games by Lady Luck?

In the case of features, we`ve tried to balance traditional features, such as Wilds, Re-spins, Multiplayers, Free Spins, Shifting Reels, and “Pick and collect” type bonuses, but also moved it a step further and developed unique sets of bonuses.

Our Art Director, Rasmus Kjær, is seen as one of the most important Art Directors in the European gaming industry and has for two decades designed games and game concepts that are among the best selling in the world, such as the hit Xbox and Playstation title Hitman. You’ll find exciting bonus features in our games that aren’t typical slot bonuses, such as fighting dragons, mini poker games, or ghost escapes in a pyramid labyrinth.

6. What is the biggest possible win in games by Lady Luck?

It`s no secret that players love receiving big wins. Our top three highest-win games are award nominated game Madame Clues, where the max win is 23,042x. Another great title with a high max win is our top-performing game, The Treasures of Tizoc, with a max win up to 15500x. Last but definitely not least is our upcoming game, Valholl: Wild Hammers, where players can win up to 17000x their stake!

7. You have been in this industry for a while. What new trends have you been noticing recently that seem to be shaping the future of online gambling?

All players and casino managers are looking for something different, but what’s different? Looking at Netflix and Squid Game, who would have expected a dubbed South Korean series to take over the world? I strongly believe that in order to entertain in this day and age, you need to stand out with games that are entertaining and unique without being overly complex. We offer a balance of both outstanding as well as titles that are what’s expected but with the Lady Luck touch.

8. In your opinion, what are the perspectives of online gambling in the Metaverse?

I do believe that this concept is a very interesting approach and very scary at the same time. As human beings, we need human interaction. We need to set up a solid balance between a virtual world and the world we live in.

The online gambling market is currently worth $59 billion USD and is projected to double in value in the upcoming years. In 2023 it is expected to be worth more than $92.9 billion USD. I can see the Metaverse being used more in the videogames than slot games, and I look forward to seeing where this whole concept will lead us.

9. What are Lady Luck Games’ plans for the future? What are the upcoming releases that we should expect?

Last December, we signed a three-year co-development and distribution agreement with King Features Syndicate. This collaboration is extremely beneficial for Lady Luck Games and will help us gain even more recognition within the industry. The deal sees us work on new games based on iconic cartoon characters such as iconic strongman Popeye and Beetle Bailey, who will appear on your screens next month!